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Jun 17, 2002 03:14 AM

Prix-Fix Lunches: Any experiances at Union Square Cafe, Nobu, or Daniel?

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Here is my dilema: I would like to upgrade my Grey's Papaya Lunch Budget to include NY's best for a day. I have always wanted to try New Yorks Pricey superlatives, and figure that maybee I could afford it for lunch. Has anyone had an outstanding Prix-fix or reduced lunches for 20-40 per person at one of these places (or elsewhere)? Or are these places fiscaly an
all-or-nothing necessity.

thanks so much for your time,

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  1. I had the 20.01 prix fixe last year during summer restaurant week at the Union Square cafe. Reservations must be made well in advance (or throw yourself at their mercy and accept whatever time slot they have). It was enchanting and delicious. All three courses were outstanding and generous enough for lunch. The atmosphere was elegant casual, and the service was perky, proper, and attentive. Though I can't remember the exact menu, I recall fresh ingredients, a super dessert, and even a yummie bread basket. I was perfectly happy with the experience and would recommend it.

    1. I have been to all 3 restaurants you mention. They are all superlative in food, service and presentation. You are smart to try them during their prix-fixe lunches.

      1. i love daniel. i did the prix-fixe lunch here and i met daniel. he came around to tables and asked everyone how the food was. then he gave us a tour of the kitchen. he was SO nice. and the food--it is one of my favorite places in nyc. it's really superior. hope a chocolate dessert is offered.

        1. As amazing as Daniel was during lunch, they stopped serving lunch last fall. Cafe Boulud is almost as good and have a 2-course $29 prixe fixe or a $35 3-course prixe fixe. Personally, I've been dying to dry Bouley's $35 prix fixe lunch.

          1. Gotham Bar & Grill serves its $20 prix-fixe lunch all year round. Though the menu choices are limited -- as is the case in most restaurants doing this type of special lunch deal -- everything we had was delicious. Definitely a well-worth-it bargain.