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Apr 24, 2002 03:11 AM

How raw can the beef be in Pho resteraunts?

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I was walking around clement and in the mood for a hands on food, so a big bowl of un-assembled Pho sounded appealing. I ducked into the first vietnamese resteraunt that crossed by path, and ordered the rare beef pho. (11th and Clement as it happened)

The bowl of almost boiling soup came, along with the usual parade of lemons, peppers, onions, and beansprouts. Just as i realised there was no beef in my soup the waitress came along with two huge plates of beatufull thinly sliced raw beef.

I grew more daring as the soup cooled, and I soon ate the remaining thinly sliced pink-beef damn-near raw, dipping it briefer then the average baptism.

When i asked the waitress how raw is still safe-ish, she replied that the Japanese eat raw beef all the time. That sold me. Now that both plates of beef are safely through me, at what expense is my favorite new health risk? How dangarous is it too eat good quality beef this way?

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  1. You may want to post this on the general board where it will probably generate a lot more reponses. One thing that comes to mind is that raw beef itself is safe to eat. It is when it becomes contaminated with bacteria during the processing that is the problem. This is much greater for ground meat than large cuts. I would say off the top of my head that any infection point for the raw beef in pho would be at the restaurant and if the place is clean the meat is safe. Just my thoughts no research to back it up.

    I eat raw beef about 1-2 times a month and never have any problems. I get food poisoning all the time from other foods but not my pho or Korean and Ethiopian style raw beef.