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Jun 11, 2002 01:34 PM

Looking for fresh/home cooked meals delivered to my home

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I've read about this type of service but now I can't find it. I would like to have fresh meals (dinner) delivered to my home for a week (post baby) but I can't afford/don't want a personal chef. I am looking for better/healthier food then the takeout I can get in my neighborhood. Does anyone know of such a business?

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  1. good question! my house cleaner comes in once a week and cooks me three meals for the week. actually, two meals and brings tamales, which i eat as snacks all week. it's very cheap, i buy the ingredients, so i know what's in it, i love spanish food, and she's a great cook! i don't know if this would work for you.

    i know there's a 'zone diet' delivery service, too.

    i'm looking forward to hearing others suggestions.


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      yes, the zone does this service...supposedly gourmet meals....but it will cost you $75 a day, ouch!

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        When my parents investigated the Zone meals it was only 35 dollars. There are multiple providers of meals that fit in the Zone so shop around!


    2. what you want is a personal chef type service. Otherwise the costs would be too high for a business that had to have their own kitchen space - by using your kitchen that savings is passed on to you. I was recently looking into this and I think Linda charges about 250 - $300 for 10 meals (that serve 2 people) and that includes the food - cann't really beat that because takeout can easily run in that range.

      Her number is 718-396-8276 or 516-983-4683 email to

      She lives in the city - I don't know her food but she sounded like she knew what she was doing and she was very personable. Good luck.

      try this woman:


      1. There once was a prepared meal service
        called Delicious Catering that delivered fresh cooked meals. Two course meal for $16, healthy low-fat menu, professional quality and extremely tasty.

        Menu came out Friday with eight or nine entree and six or seven soups and apps. Delivery was Monday at 5pm.
        Not sure if it still exists.

        1. Since posting my original question I've found many services and sampled a test meal from two of them. Both were terrible and very costly for what was delivered. Beware!

          1. The original comment has been removed