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May 21, 2002 01:58 PM

Authentic Chinese in China Town

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I am looking for a recommendation for authentic chinese food in china town. I am going with a group of adventorous eaters. Any suggestions?

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  1. That's a pretty loaded and open question. What type(region) of Chinese cooking are you looking for. What is your definition of authentic? If your question is more specific you will get more helpful responses for sure.


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    1. re: Iron Frank

      Shanghai Region. By authentic I mean no heavy sauces. Not general Tsoa's chicken or Orange beef. But dishes that seem fresh and light. I am a fan of Peking Duck and Jellyfish. I spent a month in mainland China in from the most obscure places to major cities. I want that experience here in nyc. Any suggestions?


      1. re: Matthew

        I gotta say it again: New Green Bo is the way to go. I think it is the best Shanghai in NYC, on Bayard between I think Mulberry and Mott. In the alternative, Shanghai Gourmet, 57 Mott St, not sure of the cross streets, a close second in my book, tied or better in other people's books. A note though: these places have zero ambience.

        1. re: Allie

          New Green Bo is really over rated....

          1. re: Zhou En Lai

            I never been there but wonder, if you are making the effort to post, why don't you say "I think so-and-so" is better rather than just dis.


            1. re: wrayb
              Zhou (not as in congee)

              Cuz I'm lame like that. And I think some poeple should be more adventours and try new places. The problem with outing the good places lies in the fact that it gets overrun by lao wai and the food inevtably tumbles. So I try to make a middle ground, I'll tell them when they are headed somewhere not so great (or bad) but I ain't giving up my xiao mi mi. P)

              Of course it looks like I may be moving back to China before long, and when I do I migh out a number of places (see how amazingly selfish I am!!!) ...untill then be adventourous...

              1. re: Zhou (not as in congee)

                Zhou, I've looked for someone selfish like yourself ti share some tasty tidbits of China town. Can you just soare one place and it will be our secret?

                Really, can someone tell mewhere I can get some authentic style chinese food.

                1. re: laurachka

                  You shouldn't have waited five years to ask him, he's long gone. So many places now, far more than in 2002. Amazing 66, Cantoon Garden, Fuleen, etc etc And lots more in Flushing, Queens.

            2. re: Zhou En Lai

              Dead former Prime Ministers of the P.R.O.C. are REALLY tough critics.

              1. re: Zhou En Lai

                I agree. New Green Bo used to be good a year or two ago, but once everyone started going there something happened and now it's not so good. For Peking duck (which isn't Shanghainese, anyway), your best bet is the Peking Duck House, although not much else is good there. Cold jellyfish is more of a Cantonese delicacy than Shanghainese, and will be good at any of the good Cantonese seafood places (HSF, Ping's), although the dinner restaurants in Chinatown just aren't so good. The best Chinese food (in general) in Chinatown are the Cantonese barbeques; Big Wing Wong, on Mott north of Canal, is the best of them.

                1. re: Dylan Chan

                  I have to say, ditto on Peking Duck House. Surprisingly good food, good service, CLEAN. my BF's family is from Shanghai and they had pretty good things to say about it too. (My family's Cantonese so we were always next door chowin it up at Pings. lol.)

                  And Ditto on New Green Bo as well. Not as good as it used to be.

                  For Shanghai--soup dumplings, etc. i always hit joe's shanghai...touristy yes, but reliable.

              2. re: Allie

                Zero ambience is subjective. I think they have wonderful ambience. Only compared to Western White/ New world Industrialized Bergeoise (sp check) standards. Your view of other foods and cultures is so white. This is understandable since we live in America. You are centered around McDonalds and Disneyland. And so am I.
                when it is convienent......