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Apr 18, 2002 12:08 PM

Breakfast on the way to Tahoe

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Any suggestions for a good breakfast place between
Auburn and Truckee, along I-80.


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    wow i'm a dog

    Here's a thread that might be helpful...


    1. There's a place called Katrinas @456 Grass Valley Hwy. on the left side of 80 that is small and cozy. I haven't been for a long time but it was really good.

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        What city is it in or near?

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        Christine Vallejo

        Last time we headed up 80, we stopped in Truckee and had breakfast at the Wagon Train Cafe - it's right on Donner Pass Road - and it was tasty.

        Usually, if we are not in a hurry, we stop in Colfax at a small place called the Red Hen or Little Hen where the menu is scrawled on the walls - great food but the cook does one order at a time and it takes forever. One waiter with a pony tail and he reeks of patchouli, but a unique place - again, if you have the time.

        1. Does Ikeda's in Auburn serve breakfast? They definitely have excellent pies....

          1. Try the Rainbow Lodge for brunch. It's about 20 miles before Truckee.