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Kerry Apr 24, 2002 01:31 PM

The Post mistakenly reported that Caviarteria was closing. I just called and Caviarteria said they are, thankfully, open and bustling.

  1. c
    CTer Apr 24, 2002 04:06 PM

    Which one? 'Cause I think the one in the Soho Grand HAS closed.

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    1. re: CTer
      Kerry Apr 24, 2002 04:17 PM

      The Post said that the 59th & Park (Delmonico Hotel) was going to close because Trump bought the building and is going to convert it to condos. But Caviarteria isn't closing. A woman who answered the phone said the information was incorrect.

      I love the salmon tenderloin and salmon pastrami :-)

    2. d
      deb-in-billyburg Apr 24, 2002 04:14 PM

      It's funny--I love the uptown Caviarteria (and I'm not an uptown kind of girl), but have always hated the one in the Soho Grand; while the service uptown is friendly, the space is airy and cozy, and the food (the non-caviar food, that is) tastes freshly prepared, my experience at the downtown branch has been that the service has been awful (in particular, the waitstaff spends a lot of vocal social time on the phone), the food is at odd temps, and the room is nearly always empty (which isn't something I care for).

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