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Apr 23, 2002 07:54 PM

Has anyone had dinner at Kitchenette on Amsterdam?

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what should we get? is it it good? etc..

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  1. It's not anything too special. The fried chicken was pretty good, but everything I've had on two visits (with multiple people so I got a fairly broad sample) was too bland, but for the chicken.

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    1. re: jasmurph

      I had a fabulous salmon croquette sandwich with a really great homestyle mac salad for Lunch

      I tried the roast cod with potato croquettes and mac nc heese as the sides( yes double carbs!) it was good..Very simple, fresh and aint le cirque!

      and they had a cream filled cup cake ala twinkie that was really filled the need for missing mom syndrome. but our selections up ij this neck of the woods are sparse..Maxs next door isnt do great ..So this is a welcome arrival.

      Next week we will try the Brunch, I will report on it later

      1. re: Arthur62

        having been there for brunch a few times, my thoughts.. it's crowded.. waited about 20 minutes for tables for four.. not the end of the world, but it's not the most convenient thing either.. you usually have the option to sit at the bar as well and the wait usually is non-existent, but then again, you're at the bar and people are standing in line right next to you.. it's crowded.. so it can take some time for the food to come out.. the service can be hit or miss.. and the food been lukewarm bordering on cold once or twice.. but it's pretty good.. i'm not big on breakfast but that being said, the egg dishes are pretty good.. big omlettes.. the biscuits are pretty good, not great.. the homemade turkey sausage is pretty good.. the salads are good sized and a nice option with the tuna or chicken on them.. turkey BLT is my current favorits, as is anything else on the toasted challah bread.. the tuna salad sandwich happens to be really good, assuming you like your tuna with a lot of grated carrots and chopped fresh dill in it like i do.. the homemade oven roasted fries with garlic are pretty good, although haven't had them hot.. more like potato wedges and the flavor isn't sacrificed by the lack of heat.. get a side of the tomato mayonaise to dip them in.. i still haven't tried the avocado mayo although i'm not sure why.. next time.. although i really want to try the lobster cakes at dinner, which i still haven't been there for..

        1. re: jesse

          I live around the corner from Kitchenette. I ate there from the first day until now. I feel pretty confident eveluating their food as I have eaten there many times. The breakfast was always great. Initially the dinners were just okay. Lately as they have gotten the kitchen up to speed, the food is excellent. Every meal, breakfast to dinner. I highly recommend it. I dont think they anticipated the demand in our area. It took a minute to adjust to the volume of people.

          1. re: Gideon

            I think that the counter is a perfect place to grab a quick soup or chili and bring a book!!! But I must warn you that starring at those pastries can be quite tempting. The cheese cake is divine. The service at the counter is very personable. Sometimes it can be a bit off at Dinner in the dining room. Granted Ive only eaten there twice.. But the Turkey meatloaf alone is worth it..

            1. re: Gideon

              Thank you Gideon, we sincerely try, each day, to provide you with the best food and service that we can. Altho we know we have work to do, we are really pleased that people like you understand what we are doing. Introduce youself.....we like our customers.

              1. re: GHeimers

                no problem for the words of encouragement. I am a tought customer when it comes to food. I would never say anything is good unless I truly believe it. As far as introducing myself, I am in Kitchenette pretty often. Lisa knows who I am.

      2. have been to their brunch and breakfasts but only looked at the dinner menu.

        their berry pancakes were delicious, as were their muffins. we had their turkey sausage a few days after they opened, it was rubbery and horrible, have been to frightened to order it again, but the other posters seem to imply that its improved.

        overall, i thought their prices were a little high for the area. Max's entree's top out at $14-15, while Kitchenette is more like $19. Is this a liquor license issue, since Max's wines by the glass are at least $6?

        because these two places are so packed at seemingly all hours, I hope the much lamented Zula Cafe will transform into yet another appealing venue.