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Apr 23, 2002 01:58 AM

Bad Kharma locations ?

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It seems as if there are some places where it's not possible to open up a place that stays in business. I thought of this while walking home and passing the empty storefront on Sixth Ave just North of 11th Street, East side, which has gone through probably a half dozen incarnations in the last decade.

Anyone think of any other locations where it seems everyone just goes out of business ?

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  1. 57th Street, just east of First Avenue, South side of the street. A completely affluent and residential location. Nearly every restaurant in that location went out of business after a short stay.

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    1. re: walter
      Michele Cindy

      This seems true, but the question is why? Besides bad Kharma, there must be a scientific reason. Perhaps if we looked at EVERY bad location we would see a similarity.

      1. re: Michele Cindy

        Why is a good question. The spot on 57th street is in not just a residential location, but a particularly affluent residential location. People can afford to eat out. But the spot never had a long time tenant. But, other places nearby stay. Neary's Pub, and Mr. Chow's.
        In my own neighborhood, Murray Hill, one place that was there quite some time, just closed. Dolci on the Park. West side of Park Avenue, between 34th and 35th Streets.

        1. re: walter

          Here are two I can think of right off the top of my head.

          The former Chat and Ciao, and many other things before that, on 18th between 5th and 6th.

          The current Time Cafe, on the SE corner of 84th (I think) and Broadway, which seems to be doing ok now, but was the site of many failed restaurants before this.

          1. re: ruth arcone

            I think the location on West 18th Street is an exception, because although the restuarant names/menus/etc. have changed, ownership has not ( I'm fairly sure it's always been ?Andrew Silverman? of Chat & Chew/Steak Frites/etc. )

    2. j

      the southwest corner of 100th and Broadway used to be like that until they opened Turkish Kitchen, which seems to be doing okay. Before that, it was a revolving door of mediocre places--perhapes because it's huge inside, so the rent must be astronomical.

      1. c
        Catherine C in NYC

        The southeast corner of Madison and 86th street seems to be a doomed location. Maybe it is because the restaurant space is on the second floor, but restaurants do not last in that location at all. The most recent incarnation was Centolire, where I never ate, but I seem to recall reading a good review of it. It's a pity, because there are not enough good places near the Met.

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        1. re: Catherine C in NYC

          Did Centolire go out of business?

          I had two delicious meals there, and thought it was a welcome addition to the neighborhood. The upstairs dining room was one of the more spacious and open dining rooms on the UES... too bad.

          1. re: shortstop
            Catherine C in NYC

            Actually, I don't know positively that it did, but I walked by that location the other day and it looked pretty darned deserted. I just tried to call, and there was no answer.

            Yes, that dining room is very spacious and open--hence my astonishment that it is aparently a Bad Karma Locale.

        2. There's a spot on St. Marks, on the north side of the street, about 2 or 3 businesses west of 2nd avenue which seems to have been dozens of things over the past few years..... Nice building, good location, clearly bad karma.

          1. The spot on Bleecker Street next to Grove Restaurant. There always seems to be something else going up over there; the Russian restaurant in there last (Matrioshka) lasted about a minute.