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Apr 22, 2002 05:55 PM

still wondering -- tap water

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The drought warnings haven't been lifted, but I'm still wondering what my fellow chowhounders' experiences have been with tap water service at restaurants.

Earlier threads show many of you were not happy when restaurants seemed to offer bottled water in lieu of tap water.

Some of you had also said that in your experiences as restaurant servers, it was more costly to wash the classes than to serve water in them.

I'm wondering -- are restaurants in the NYC area still pushing the bottled stuff? Is anyone irate about this? What have your experiences in previous years in other areas of the country been like in dealing with similar drought situations?

Chowin' on the questions...


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  1. I've had tap water upon request and have been refilled without asking... then again... I haven't been anywhere too pretentious of late.

    1. Actually had brunch at Park Avalon a few weeks ago when we had out-of-town guests. It's one of the places using the drought as an excuse to heavily push the bottled stuff, and have discounted it to half price. We asked for tap instead and were brought it with no problems whatsoever.

      1. I had lunch at the Grand Hyatt on 42nd St. last week. The waiter had the nerve to say it was illegal for them to serve tap water. Only after we strongly objected did he sheepishly agree to bring tap water - I bet this gambit works on a lot of tourists.

        1. It was quite soon after the drought warnings were issued, so perhaps their policy has changed, but I was actually OFFERED tap water by a waiter at Pershing Square recently.