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Apr 22, 2002 03:07 PM

Visiting NYC - Please help me choose one of these restaurant s

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Hi, I'll be NYC in May for a business trip. I'm planning to try either Bouley, Le Bernadin, Chanterelle, Lespionase, or Babbo.

Please recommend one restaurant if you only have one choice to make.

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  1. If I could choose only one of those, it would be Le Bernardin - no question.

    1. That's a hard choice, but I'd pick Chanterelle. It's subjective, of course, but it's my favorite restaurant. I love the atmosphere, the room, the superb and friendly service, the flower arrangements - oh, and the food, the food...ahhhh.

      1. the only one i've been to is chanterelle and i wasn't thrilled. i went to dinner early in the evening. the food is very good, but the service is too attentive for me. the servers were watching us the whole time and i felt very uncomfortable. plus the decor is rather boring. there are better $$$$ restaurants.

        1. Been to all but Lespinasse and Babbo, with that said, I was not a fan of either LeBernadin or Chanterelle. The fish at LeBernadin was not to my liking. Three of us all ordered different types of fish, it is their specialty, but we didn't like any of them. Chanterelle has a spartan and sterile room. Food was ok, however, I can't vouch for it since I went for Rest. Wk and was disappointed that I has a one month wait and only for 2:00pm or later and to top it off, no choices on the pre-fixe menu. I did love Bouley. We had a 7 or 9 course taswting dinner and it was heaven, although I'm not a fan of the room, either. Very plain. Le Bernadin's room is nice, very elegant, with wood paneled walls, lots of oil paintings of fish, of course.

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            It's so funny how we all differ so much. I love Chanterelle's room. I don't find it sterile, but it's definitely spartan. I love the elegant simplicity of the room, coupled with the warm, professional service. Also, forgot to mention that I have had, consistently, some of the best cheese plates of my life at Chanterelle.

          2. I've found both Bernadin and Lespinasse disappointing and often pretentious. Chanterelle is superb if you want elegant, modern French food. Babbo is terrific --earthy and authentic, with a great atmosphere.