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Apr 16, 2002 09:45 PM

baby-friendly restaurant for a Saturday night?

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We have not yet been out to dinner with our two-month-old baby. But the cousins are coming from LA for the weekend, and have asked, "where are you taking us on Saturday night?" They have a six-year-old and will be staying in Union Square. I've had pretty successful lunches out with our little girl, but she cannot be relied on to sleep through a meal. There will be some crying, some nursing and diaper changing, which is fine by me, but we'll probably feel more comfortable in some establishments and less so in others. What we want is a speedy meal in a place convenient to downtown, that's roomy enough on a Saturday night for us to pull the stroller beside the table. Any suggestions?

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  1. Heidi, you might want to look at Puccini and Pinetti, 29 Ellis St., between Mason and Powell. (415) 392-5500. The food is not so much - I ate there once, was fine, not horrid, not great, but it's really fun and relaxed and good for a group that includes a baby and a young kid. Fast too - they're used to getting people out the door for the theater.

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      Nathan Landau

      Tough assignment: I've done it with our daughter when she was two months old and now that she's almost six, though dinner is usually tougher than lunch. I don't recall combining two kids those ages, though the six year old might be entertained by the two month old (and vice versa).

      It strikes me that maybe what you want is a big place in Chinatown--they're often pretty tolerant of noisy children. I'll defer to better Chinatown hands to suggest the place.

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        Mr. Bluetooth

        Challenging assignment indeed. If you're focusing on places within walking distance of Union Square, the safest bet would probably be the food court in the basement of Macy's. You won't have to worry much about other diners, and the meal should be speedy. Of course, you're limited to the offerings in the food court - Wolfgang Puck's place, Boudin, and a few others.

        The Firewood Cafe used to be in the DFS Galleria next to Macy's, but they've closed. It would have been a good place.

        The Metreon is another possibility (and I think there is a Firewood Cafe there), but again, you're limited to the mediocrity of offerings there.

        Looking at restaurants, the only places (other than Puccini and those in Chinatown) I can think of which have *some* tables that can accommodate strollers, are:

        Max's on the Square
        Kuleto's (are they still closed?)
        E&O Trading

        I have been to all three with baby in tow with some success. Being a Saturday night, I would strongly suggest going early - definitely before 6pm - to be seated before the crowds arrive.

        Check a site such as for general info, addresses and phone numbers for these restaurants.

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          Kathleen Mikulis

          My first thought was the food courts as well (Macy's and Metreon). It's where I usually eat when I'm in Union Square and it's probably easiest with a baby.

          I sense you're probably looking for more of a restaurant type place though. One chain option (that has good food!) is California Pizza Kitchen on Geary. There are children's menus so it's kid friendly. I haven't been to this particular location though. Another place that wins "best restaurant to take kids" awards every year is Chevys (there's one on 3rd & Howard).

        2. If you're not stuck on union square, try park chow on 9th ave in inner sunset (between lincoln and irving, right by the botanical garden in golden gate park)-- its a fun place, the food is good and ... there are always lots of kids. It's great for an early dinner after an afternoon in the park.