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Apr 19, 2002 01:29 AM

Gourmet Garage & Peets

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It looks like GG is going to start carrying Peets coffee beans. I'm so happy as I had just lost hope for ever finding beans I was satisfied with in my neighborhood.


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  1. e

    That's amazing news. Maybe I won't have to move to SF after all.

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    1. re: Elaine(Snutteplutten)

      peets is fab. and also available on smith st. (brooklyn) at cute little cafe w/screen door, can't remember name, maybe smith street kitchen?

      I also like some other dark roasts, french roast at wholefoods, organic, same price but nice and oily and fresh, cheaper - french italian at zabars and french mocha at porto ricos. Brew it up strong, heat and foam some milk - business.

    2. c
      Caitlin McGrath

      I saw that ad too. I'd query whoever's in charge of coffee at GG re the turnover and how often they receive shipments, though. I haven't bought via mail order from Peet's, but my impression is that they ship they beans very freshly roasted. I guess if you want Peet's on a regular basis, you might want to ask GG about the freshness.

      (I remember but 10 years ago how we were not allowed to show up from the Bay Area to stay with our family friends here without a carryon full of Peet's beans.)

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      1. re: Caitlin McGrath

        Excellent point. In theory, it's great that they'll be carrying beans from Peet's, but if they don't turn their inventory over quickly enough to ensure that individuals purchasing coffee are getting fresh beans, it's not really worth the expense.

        Per Jerry's comments, looks like a slight difference of opinion on Peet's, but apparently there are a few people out here who think it's worth it. I would be curious, however, to get alternate roaster recommendations of those who do not "kill all the subtle undertones that excite the palate". I'd love hear any suggestions.

        Additionally, for those interested, Peet's beans and coffee is already available at the ING Barings Cafe in Midtown. Since the coffee is shipped from Peet's to ING's distribution area (which, if I remember correctly, I was told is in CT), the beans aren't quite as fresh as if you order them direct, but still not a bad alternative. The cafe is located at 45 East 49th...

        1. re: N8 E

          I get my Peet's by mail. After reading this post, I checked my last delivery. I got my beans on Friday, the 19th and the sticker on the bag said "Roast Date: 4/16.

          I trust them and enjoy my weekly delivery very much.

      2. Now that it looks as if Peet's will be more widely available, I wonder how much longer its baseless mystique will last. Its a flawed roasting process, similar to Starbuck's, that kills all the subtle undertones that excite the palate.

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        1. re: jerry

          i ordered from peets for a while....i had a lot of good bags of coffee....i also had maybe three bags (over time) where the coffee tasted burnt....

          starbucks seems to always taste burnt...

          but peets is very very dark...

        2. I bought my first bag today, 4/23 the freshest roast dates on the shelves(that looked pretty untouched) were 4/12 with a lot of 3/29's interstpersed. They're all 2 dollars off a bag for a limited time. I bought a house blend for 7.99 for 12oz. after the discount(the other blends were around 10.99 after discount). It tastes better than anything else I've been buying from Garden of Eden or Gourmet Garage. I wish I could find a more affordable alternative but it beats spending 1.68 a day at Star*@%ucks.