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Apr 15, 2002 01:17 PM

3 Bahn Mi Questions

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Hi. I had my first ever Bahn Mi sandwich yesterday at Vietnam Bánh mì So 1 (thank you Rogue for the recommendation). It was a roast pork one, and it had some sort of yellow sweet sauce smeared on the bread. I didn't think it was pate.. What was it?

Also, does anyone know how late this place is open until? I'm sure the bread's fresher in the day (my bread was still warm), but what about nighttime cravings ?

And are any of the other snacks here worth trying out?

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  1. We stopped by at around 6 PM on Saturday and
    had some great Banh Mi. I have tried a few
    other things there: Spring rolls (vegetable,
    not the fried ones) - loved these. Tried the
    fried chicken/pork spring rolls, and found them
    to be soggy.

    Also tried the sugar cane juice - I did not care
    for this - too sweet (go figure :-)

    1. The yellow stuff was asian style mayonnaise which is sweet and yellow compared to US mayo. This mayo goes real well with their hot sauce

      All the snacks are good in the morning/early afternoon then they can be a bit soggy as Dave mentioned. The juices are good, they are a bit on the sweet side, especially the sugarcane juice which tastes ,much better watered down. They make really good iced coffee... super strong and sweet. Also some of the condiments are good as well. I picked up a hot and tangy thai eggplant and pickled shrimp stuff there.

      My fav banh mi there is the house special-extra spicy, which has everything on it. (well not meatball or chicken..)

      As for how late they are opened... give them a call... 212 219 8341

      1. The pinwheel/flower shapped yellow cookies/crackers (they are hard to explain) are great. The taste will surprise you.