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Apr 12, 2002 03:52 PM

Peking Duck House

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What's the word on this place? The citysearch reviews swing from great food and service to scary experience.

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  1. i love it.. been many many times.. the duck really is one of the few reasons to go.. i've tried a bunch of the food and never been impressed with it.. not that it's bad.. just nothing worth travelling for.. the peking duck on the other hand is great.. that and an order of sesame noodles and i'm set.. they make the pancakes themselves.. bring out lots of them along with the scallions and cucumbers you'd expect.. the chef carves the duck up at your table.. the skin has all the flavor.. love it..

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      We were there around Christmas. The food was good, the duck very good. I wouldn't say superb, but you won't be disappointed. I can't see why anyone would say it's scary. The service was good but when they're busy, make sure your entire party is present or otherwise good luck getting seated. They pack a lot of tables in the space so you may feel crowded, but if you get the corner table (in the back) like we did, it feels cozy and you have a good view of the patrons and atmosphere. Try it out.

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        Marion Morgenthal

        I agree that the duck is the main attraction. But there are some other dishes we really like there--good steamed dumplings, good honey spare ribs and very good sliced prawns in chili sauce.