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Apr 12, 2002 01:40 PM


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The best Italian food I think I ve ever had! This is coming from an Italian family from the New york area.
(They were recommended buy the Italian grandmother.)
We had chicken cutlet parm. All at the table said it was the best.We also had penne ala vodka which was very garlicy, but if your not on a date who cares? Delicioso! The food is served family style. We ordered an appetiser and three entres for 8 people and had just a little left over.They re located just across from the theaters on Broadway so if yor going to see a show it's perfect but make a reservation for 5pm for an 8pm show. It was extremely crowded and noisy but now I know why!

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    fabio savoldelli

    You must be kidding. If quantity is quality enjoy the truck load. If you want fresh and good, go elsewhere.

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      i agree, carmines is mediocre, in my opinion. there's some great italian in the east village that get frequent mention here, including il bagatto, max, and frank. but go early, there's usually a long wait.