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Apr 11, 2002 01:41 AM

vegetarian date in manhattan

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I live at 114th and Amsterdam and I'm looking for a place to go on a date -- both of us are vegetarians. We'd prefer to go out of the neighborhood, but somewhere in Manhattan would be best. Ideally, the place would be accessible by the 1/2 train. The restaurant doesn't have to be exclusively vegetarian -- no zen palate, please -- but should have a variety of options. The criteria, I guess:

-Excellent food
-Good date place, i.e. semi-quiet but w/ good atmosphere...looking for interesting experience
-In the range of $15-20 per person

We're flexible w/r/t type of food. Italian, Asian, Mexican, etc. are all excellent...


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  1. Herban Kitchen on Hudson may fit your bill.

    1. b
      Bride of the Juggler

      What about Mandoo korean restaurant on 32nd, where they make fresh vegetarian dumplings to order. There are several other vegetarian options on the menu. Very cute little restaurant with blond wood furniture and decor. Clientele is mainly young hip koreans. Prices are quite reasonable. I've attached a web site with some info about it. Thank you.


      1. Mavalli Palace. 28th & Park, I think. Search the boards for info. South Indian vegetarian in a very pretty, quiet restaurant, tranquil, big menu with really luscious suggestions.

        1. Try Pongal Indian vegetarian restaurant...the thalis are great :-) It is on Lexington Avenue and 27th.

          1. c
            christal henner

            Try Josie's on 74th and Amsterdam or Quintessence on 87th and Amsterdam.