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Apr 10, 2002 11:07 PM

Rotisserie chicken like chalet suisse & st. hubert???

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OK - here is a mission for you canadian-chowhounds (or chowchiens if you are from quebec) living in NYC. My father loves Chalet Suisse (Swiss Chalet) and St. Hubert rotisserie chicken and, of course, the fries. My parents just recently moved to Manhattan. I am a vegetarian, so I never really sought out Rotisserie chicken joints before. Is anyone familiar with Swiss Chalet or St. Hubert chicken? Are there any restaurants in the city or the outer boroughs that serve comparable chicken and fries? Thanks in advance.

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  1. There are plenty of rotisserie places all over New York, but, unfortunately, nothing like Quebec rotisserie style chicken and fries. No hot chicken sandwiches, poutine or smoked meat, for that matter, either. Just another reason to visit La Belle Province

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      Jim in Maplewood

      There has to be poutine somewhere here ... for the uninitiated, poutine is french fries topped with cheese curds and a beef gravy. Fantastic. Sort of ironic that my favourite poutine in Vancouver (where I'm from) was at a Canadian chain outlet called "New York Fries" yet there's no poutine to be had in NYC?

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        I make my trip to Montreal every other month and stock up on St-Hubert sauces. That way i can make my own poutine and hot chicken at home...And it is the best i've ever had!!

        'course im a lil biased..heheheh

        Im thinking i will start a smuggling ring for some Canadian(Quebecois) items in NYC...Seems to be a lot of demand!!

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          I can't help you with poutine in NYC, but a few weeks ago I literally stumbled upon an ice cream stand in Dania, Florida (a big Canadian destination), that advertised poutine so I finally got to try it.

          $4.99 got me a big pile of poutine.

          Good stuff!

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            karen the allergic

            sacre bleu - poutine in vancouver??? thanks everyone for the Dallas BBQ info.

        2. The closest thing to Swiss Chalet in NYC is Dallas BBQ. They have a few location in the city, one of which I believe is on 3rd Avenue and 75th(or thereabouts). I think that at one time there was a connection between the two. One of the Dallas BBQ places was on the upper west side and was originally called Swiss Chalet. This was probably 20 or so years ago. Dallas is pretty good and quite reasonably priced.
          Murray Brown