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Apr 8, 2002 08:27 PM

Patsys Pizza on 69th and 2nd (review)

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Had lunch Sunday at Patsys Pizza. Overall a pretty annoying experience. we ordered a large pie with pepperoni, mushrooms and fresh garlic. Pizza was drowning in grease and overall just average. That was coupled with the loudest crowd I have ever been around in my 15 years in Manhattan plus a load of flies. Maybe a sunday afternoon mistake but no reason to ever venture back there. For folks looking for kid friendly places, it was pretty obvious you could take the little ones there for average grub with no noise worries.

Lisa P

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    FWIW, I recently made the mistake of eating at the Patsy's on 23rd street. It was gross, and the service was horrific. All spin-off Patsy's are to be avoided, it sounds like.

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    1. re: Elaine(Snutteplutten)

      Funny enough, last time I was at the East Harlem Patsy's, I asked the waiter (who I think is the nephew of the owner of the Patsy's "franchise") whether the other Patsy's were still directly related to the original. He replied that they are all under the same ownership, and I told him that the one on East 34th isn't very good. He bluntly replied that none of the lower Manhattan locations are very good because they use different ingredients than the original and most importantly, I was told, do not have the same quality oven. He said the owner feels a special obligation to keep the East Harlem Patsy's "real". His words not mine.

      1. re: John M.

        I thought there was a family feud of some sort within the Grimaldis and that the Brooklyn Patsy location was a different branch of the family than the East Harlem one. And one branch of the family had opened the franchises you refer to while the other branch was opposed to it.

        1. re: MManganaro

          My understanding is that Grimaldi's (the Brooklyn one) has split from the Patsy's in East Harlem (i believe there have been legal battles with respect to the family name), but the owner of the Patsy's in East Harlem owns all of the Manhattan "franchises".

          1. re: John M.

            to be honest, if the owner of the east harlem one said that to the above poster, i understand. they probably have the original oven there which you cannot get anymore b/c it's so old. it's better to make pizzas in that type of oven. that's probably why the quality of pizza is better. really can't do anything about that. once grimaldi's and patsy's and lombardi's go, so do those old ovens.

            1. re: d

              I heard Grimaldi's sold out too recently. The pizza there was good but not great anyway. I'm hoping this new Lil' Frankies is ushering in a new golden age for Manhattan Pizza but I have yet to go.