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Apr 8, 2002 11:26 AM

Alice's Tea Cup

  • j

I was just reading an earlier post and someone mentioned this place for afternoon tea. Could you provide the exact address? I just looked for it on citysearch and had no luck. -- Thanks --

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  1. b
    Barrie Covington

    Not sure of the exact number, but it is on 73rd Street, just off Columbus Avenue. I particularly like their scones (always warm) with a pot of Roiibus (sp?) Bourbon tea - it's an herbal, vanilla blend.

    Worth a trip!

    1. Exact address is 102 W. 73rd Street, street level, south side of 73rd, just off of Columbus.
      Purple awning.
      Closed Mondays - open Tues - Sat 10a - 9p, Sunday 10a - 7p

      check it out....

      1. Very cute place with great sconces!

        Loved the mismatched china, very quirky.