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Anyone have any suggestions how I can get a reservation at RAO'S?

Link: http://www.bcidesign.com/city3/city3....

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  1. fuhgetaboutit!!!

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      P.S. You might want to try Baldoria on W49th Street.
      Owned by the Rao's family.

      1. re: LittlePussy

        Don't recommend it. Baldoria's was expensive and the food was terrible. Atmosphere was also horrible, a jukebox emits neon lights and noise.

        1. re: Eva L.

          If you really want to go badly (having been there once, my view is that the food is quite good, but not worth jumping through hoops through) and have no connection, call or just go up on some terribly stormy night when the "beautiful people" don't go out.

        2. re: LittlePussy

          baldoria sucks, except for the roasted peppers which are the same at Rao's. LittlePussy I like the fuhgetaboutit!! response,, that says it all i think..... Jordan you can become a famous movie star or marry $5000 just for a table not including food at various auctions for charity. As someone else said you can call a year ahead and they will tell you they are booked.. Ive been there several times, had a great time, food was good but not gourmet, juke box is great.
          The Jarred sauce is not made at Rao's and is nowhere as good as Rao's. Its commerical sauce made in NJ, i forget the company, i'll update when i remember who makes it.

      2. s

        Only if you know frankie pellegrino or knew Ann .
        I been there twice and belive me its the real deal.
        its not about food, its about Power and access.
        I was there thru the clout of Magazines and got to know Frankie.
        so fuggetdaboutit.... its gonna take at least 6 months. maybe...
        besides, who are you and what do you do?. this is not about food. guy.
        I may be nobody but I had a great time drinking martinis and seeing all the mistresses...

        1. Getting a reservation at Rao's?


          It's a big joke! You could call a year ahead of time and not get one. It's all in who you know. The tables are all spoken for.

          1. I see that they sell the bottled tom. sauce and stuff with the RAO'S name on it.

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            1. re: Dana K.

              yeah you can get that at your local grocery store.

            2. how much can you afford to go? it is not a cheap ordeal...howw many people?

              1. Show up and just walk in. Make sure to bring a beautiful woman and wait patiently at the bar.

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                  They turned Modonna away..Lance Armstrong too you have a 0 xchance of that working....show up with the last 12 playboy playmates your still not gonna get in

                  1. re: vinnyvette

                    So why should any of us care about a restaurant we will never be able to eat in?

                    BTW, I worked for the publisher of the Rao's cookbook and a number of my co-workers ate there and none were impressed.

                    1. re: KTinNYC

                      Totally agree. The allure of Rao's has always been about access. It's never been about the food If they had fifty more tables and anyone could walk in and get seated no one would bother with the place.

                      1. re: KTinNYC

                        KT, in the thread linked by Bob Martinez, you wrote that YOU ate there...??

                        1. re: Marge

                          It should have read, "BTW, I worked for the publisher of the Rao's cookbook and a number of my co-workers AND I ate there and none were impressed." I wrote the sentence in haste, I guess.

                      2. re: vinnyvette

                        Ummm, not true. But a good way to scare the populus.

                    2. Have you called for a reservation? You will get an answering mahine with a message something like: "we don't answer the phone, we don't take reservations, we don't listen to the messages, if you leave one we won't call you back!" I love NY!!!

                      1. A few years ago someone posted in detail about their experience eating at Rao's. It's as true today as when they posted it. To summarize - the place isn't bad but it's reputation is exaggerated.


                        1. Easiest way to get a taste of Rao's?

                          Fly to Las Vegas, go to Rao's at Caesar's. It's not a hard res (yeah, they actually answer the phone), and they serve all the Rao's specialities. They've even got a Happy Hour.

                          Of course, if you're more about atmosphere than food, this won't do you any good. :)


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                            the food in vegas is more like Baldoria, not close to Rao's... Also the ambieance of Rao's is like being in Mean Streets ,,, Old juke box playin. Contadina is real good, roasted peppers are the best. The food is good, its not gourmet , buy the cook book and try the recipes , you'll get a closer taste of the food.