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Apr 2, 2002 08:10 AM

Juicer in NYC

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Can anyone rec. a juicer under $150.00 that I can find in NYC, and where to buy it?

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  1. It's not a good idea to go cheap on a juicer - they're not that efficient, they can be tough to clean and they break. Krups, Juiceman and Hamilton Beach all fall into that category. They're just not worth it for the work involved.

    They also usually have a flimsy grinder plate that warps and can damage the machine further.

    I have owned Krups, Hamilton Beach, Omega and Champion. Omega and Champion are both fine juicers that will hold up for years of use and abuse. Champion is easier to clean, but is a big machine. Omega is great and takes up less space.

    Right now, I have a Champion and it is fantastic - you could juice rocks with this thing. Omega will do the same.

    Some of the restaurant places on the Bowery may have one for sale cheaper - I think you could find a used one for $150 and it's still worth it. Having to replace a $75 machine or never wanting to use it in the first place because is such a pain.

    Check out Craig's list (see link) to see if anyone is selling one in a pinch.

    I hope this helps!


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      I'm going to disagree with you. Someone who knows he's going to stick with it should be prepared to spend. But there's a reason why all those used juices end up on eBay and Craig's List--people buy the juicer, use it a few times and are put off by the amount of work involved, and figure it's easier to buy commercial juice. The best route for those new to juicing to take is to either buy an inexpensive, entry-level machine or, better yet, try to borrow one. The amount of preparation and work involved is pretty much the same regardless of the price tag of the juicer and in this way, the interested person can determine in an economic way whether or not this is an activity that can be incorporated into his lifestyle.

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        I have one of the original high quality juicers. The Acme Supreme. It is built like a tank, and can juice veggies and fruits amazingly well. However, it is such a chore to clean. So much so that it has sat in my kitchen unused for 20 years.

    2. good that someone revived this old thread.

      if anyone is tired of paying ten bucks per fresh juice drink, wants to juice at home and wants a top shelf home juicer i would highly recommend the green power juicer extruder. after going thru a slew of juicers we have been very happy with this one for many years. it has a powerful motor that extrudes the juice thru a screw process. works like a charm. there is some cleanup, but not too bad. if you really compare juicers you will find this one was the highest rated.

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        Depends on where you're reading reviews. I'm glad yours lasted so long but it's not something I'd use or recommend, nor is it in the <$150 range. I do have a very good manual single-auger juicer but it's exclusively for grasses.