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Apr 1, 2002 03:34 PM

Looking forward to May

  • j

...because not until then can I sample the gumbo and andouille at Nyla, Britney Spears' forthcoming project on the UES. See today's Times.


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  1. j

    Oh, no.

    Shame on Mr. Ochs-- because Peaches, Marla Maple's place, did so well.... not!

    1. What was that in the article about the consumer wanting restaurants that are associated with big celebrities? Why? Can she cook?

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      1. re: Jill

        It's the same sort of thing as "consumers" (read: tourists) want to go to Broadway shows with movie stars in them, no matter how bad the show.

      2. Oh,I get it - April Fool's!
        (For a second I thought you were serious.)