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Apr 1, 2002 12:03 PM

Upstate Weekenders Mex in Red hook

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If you spend the weekends upstate away from outer bourrough dining but still want that real deal kind of meal, have 2 tacos at The Mexican grocery store/rest in the town of Red Hook, N.Y.( its the only one, On street across from the Mobil station at the 4 cornors ) near rhinebeck. Its only $3.00 and the quality is as good as Rancheros Mexicanos 2 on 9th ave + 38th street. The chicken and spicy pork are great. Go early and i am sure its really fresh. Patrons include the Culinary students from CIA , who know what is good /simple food in a Area /community that is mostly white Folks and not much Ethnicities + ethnic food. Bard students don't count.
In tivioli you may love Sante Fe Resturant but this is much more real and less Yuppie.

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  1. Re your comment:
    "Patrons include the Culinary students from CIA , who know what is good /simple food in a Area /community that is mostly white Folks and not much Ethnicities + ethnic food. Bard students don't count."

    First of all, the CIA is 20+ miles away and the clientele in Red Hook does not have many, if any, CIA students.

    Second, there are loads of Mexicans in Red Hook and surrounding environs, which is why the actual clientele of this great joint are mostly newly arrived Mexicans.

    Also, what the heck does "Bard students don't count mean"? Hate to be picky, but having lived up here for 10 years, I can't relate to anything in your post except that La Mexicana has great food at great prices. Mentioning Santa Fe, a dump with icky food, in the same breath as this jewel is wrong-headed.

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    1. re: lucia

      If you have been living in the area for 10 years or so then you must know how it was in 1990 .
      When I walk around town, I do not see "loads of Mexicans" , shopping at basic french or eating at Billies or the diner or even having coffee at stewarts.Please.
      The culinary is not in Red Hook but to have the one of two Major Cooking Schools in the entire United States just 20 miles(less) away is a influence on the once community of Farmers and Businesses. If you went away to College , wouldn't you venture out off the campus looking for local action.
      Bard Students are mostly transient. They are mostly upper middle class over achievers that are in college away from home and rather plead poverty and not have any money to spend on food but buy mostly expensive cigarettes and imported beer. Their Parents pay for everything. They may not have eaten much at Taco Bell but have had privileged family vacations in parts of Mexico. In other words, most of them are spoiled rich kids.
      a $3.00 lunch is a $3.00 lunch to them, and thats not junk food. They could live on beer and pizza for the same price. Actually, they have sophisticated taste sometimes.
      If none of what I said is true, then maybe you are just seeing it from your only perspective, but hey! thats cool. why don't you talk to the owners sometime and have lunch there again, even this week. Having a opinion is the American Way.

      1. re: spoonforking

        You know, you may not see the Mexican residents of Red Hook shopping at basic french, but I wouldn't expect that. In fact, you do see many Mexicans patronizing La Mexicana, particularly in the evening after work. The shop's clientele also does include many Bard students. And it quite often includes me.

        As a full-time resident of the area, I realize what a positive impact Bard, its students, faculty, and staff have on the local economy, particularly on restaurants.

        I didn't mean to offend you, only to point out that there is a substantial Mexican population (in all of Northern Dutchess along the 9 corridor), and I hope they continue to have a positive effect on the local food offerings.

        As for your comments about Bard student, I was questioning what you meant by the phrase "Bard students don't count" which can be read several ways. I read it as a blanket dismissal of an entire diverse population. I still am not clear whether you think they are a positive element in the community, but I think you would have trouble finding a local business who sees them any other way.