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Mar 28, 2002 12:19 PM


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My 9 year old neice is coming to NYC for her birthday, and I want to get her some cupcakes. I love how the Cupcake Cafe decorates, but think the taste is awful. Any ideas where I can get some that are beautiful AND are edible?

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  1. Magnolia Bakery on Bleeker and West 11th - hands down, nuff said!

    happy b-day to the neice!

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    1. re: THM
      The Turtle (Bay) Dove

      Or Magnolia's sister bakery, Buttercup, 2nd between 51st and 52nd. I've never seen people revert back to 5 yr-old behaviour faster than when I've brought Buttercup or Magnolia cupcakes to a party. Not totally universally loved, but I'm pretty fond of them. --Joanna

      1. re: The Turtle (Bay) Dove

        I'll second the motion on cupcakes from the Buttercup Cafe. They make a German Chocolate that's really terrific, as well as Devil's Food with Cream Cheese Frosting. OMG!

        1. re: Dena

          My favorites at Buttercup are the Red Velvet- YUMMY- I could eat them all day!

    2. London Mitchell Foods (?) on 9th Avenue makes some very good cupcakes -- but I think they only come in chocolate. The cake is very moist and the icing is very creamy. Much better than those at Cupcake Cafe, which taste like what I imagine paper that's been sitting out in the sun would taste like.

      1. j

        A Park Slope Institution, Two Little Red Hens, just opened up a location on the Upper East Side (2nd ave and 84th, near Schaller & Weber). They have excellent cupcakes-- try the yellow cake with white frosting and coconut.

        1. When they have them, Taylor's Bakery has great cream-filled chocolate cupcakes. Thanks to real butter, etc., they're a million times better than anything Hostess could concoct. All their other desserts (esp. bar cookies) are really big but taste great. Several locations around downtown, including Hudson St. betw. West 10th & Charles and 18th Street betw. 7th & 8th Avenues.

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          1. re: Stephanie L.

            Taylors is also on Chambers Street, between West Broadway and Greenwich. In the same neighborhood, Kitchenette (W. Bway and Warren) also has terrific cream-filled chocolate cupcakes (real cream) and peanut-butter filled ones. Not sure if their (way)uptown branch is open yet.

            1. re: CTer

              What is the location of the way uptown location?

              1. re: Eva L.

                I think their address is 1272 Amsterdam Ave. -- which puts them way, way, WAY uptown (215th Street? just below Baker Field). You might to call the original one to check (212) 267-6740.

                1. re: CTer
                  Alexandra Halsey

                  I don't know when the uptown Kitchenette is opening, but it's on Amsterdam and 122nd (I could be off by a block in either direction), in the vicinty of Max's Soha.

                  1. re: CTer

                    DO NOT TAKE MY WORD FOR IT; I got it wrong, and Alexandra Halsey (below) got it right.

                    1. re: CTer

                      magnolia bakery on bleeker has the best cupcakes ever!

            2. d
              David Ozharov

              I tried Kitchenette (downtown) today and was generally pleased with the cupcakes. The plain vanilla type were decent, but they were filled not so much with cream as a type of different textured cakes, light you encounter in cream cheese brownies.

              But the peanut-butter cupcakes were OUT OF THIS WORLD. Is anybody from the Peanut Butter Co. listening?