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Mar 27, 2002 11:30 AM

good hell's kitchen italian

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hello all -
i am trying to get together a group of picky people for dinner and figure italian is always a safe bet - i've seen so many places along ninth avenue (40s and 50s) but its hard to tell whats good and whats mediocre.
does anyone have any recommendations?
thanks so much!

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  1. all i know is avoid cara mia.

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    1. re: d

      Pietrasanta on the NW corner of 47th and Ninth Ave is pretty reliable. And some people on this thread have spoken well of La Locanda, a couple of blocks higher up Ninth Ave, though I haven't eaten there myself.

      1. re: tamara
        The Turtle (Bay) Dove

        I don't have a better reccomendation to make, but I ate at Pietrasanta last night and was underwhelmed. Nothing was bad - the service was quite good for pre-theatre rush - the price was right - but the food was just ok. The calamari in my dish was lovely, sweet, and tender, but nothing else worth praising.

    2. I enjoy Amarone, east side of Ninth Ave, betw/45-46th. They have expanded and are able to serve more diners now, lovely menu, although it can get a little noisy.

      1. Anna's It is a really small place. It used to open
        only for dinners, now they have started doing Lunch too.