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Mar 25, 2002 01:47 PM

Fresh Wasabi

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Where can I get fresh wasabi to grate?


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  1. Try the link below. I haven't ordered from them, but they were written up in Saveur a while ago.


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    1. re: Cathy L.

      I've used this provider and have been very happy with their products. Depending on the amount of wasabi you use and within what timeframe, you may be better served to purchase the wasabi paste (it will keep fresh longer).

      1. re: OPJK
        Ben there, done that

        Thanks for the suggestions, but what about just finding the root itself somewhere in a market?

        1. re: Ben there, done that

          Fresh wasabi, when properly stored and maintained, begins to lose its attractiveness in about a month. Depending on the amount you use and how readily available the rhizome is (wasabi is not a root, but, basically, an underground stem, called a rhizome), either the paste or the fresh wasabi might serve your needs better. (For what it's worth, the paste can last about twice as long.)

          That said, fresh wasabi is preferable.

          1. re: Ben there, done that
            The Turtle (Bay) Dove

            If I remember that Saveur article from a few years ago correctly (and, of course, if that article was correct to begin with) fresh wasabi is very perishable and is not imported at all. Since it is difficult to grow domestcally, this California company was the first, and at that point the only company, to offer fresh wasabi in the US. I find it hard to believe that this firm is the ONLY choice for wasabi root, but I s'pose it's plausible. I remember the founder making a big deal about how difficult it is to ship wasabi. -Joanna

      2. try japan california products for really good japanese roots. i think. or a company called KNS in california. 925.626.3673 his stuff is also imported from japan, fresh deals domestic hothouse stuff, i have never knowingly tasted it but i just prefer to skip them cause i can.

        1. i had a friend who was in the weeds on his wasabi order for the weekend and in a total last minute move he pulled over to sugiymma and begged for it! they refused his money and gave it to him because he worked at a neighboring restaurant. i'll bet you could call and they would sell you one.

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            I've seen it in a tube (paste form) at Citarella - I asked one of the guys about it and it comes from Fresh Wasabi on the West Coast!