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Mar 25, 2002 09:57 AM

Pearl Oyster Bar – Overrated? Sliding? Or just unlucky on a bad night?

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So this weekend I finally made it to the pearl oyster bar after much anticipation. The Clam chowder that everyone raves about had really good flavor but was not what I would call chowder (it was more like broth). The real downer though was the much touted lobster roll. While I appreciate that there were big chunks of lobster it unfortunately made both my date and I rather ill (we both had the lobster roll).

I do not believe it was that there was bad seafood in the salad (but that may have been the cause) but rather it was so incredibly rich that we both became very nauseated. I honestly felt like I had eaten a jar of mayonnaise and washed it down with a glass of melted butter. The other food there looked very good and I really liked the feel and ambience of the place, but after our experience I doubt I will go there again, we ended up having to cancel our plans for the evening because we felt so ill.

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  1. yikes sounds to me like you got worked over, you know of course that it could have been one of a hundred things besides the seafood that illed you. if it turned out to be a real sick couple of days you should notify them so it does not happen to any more customers

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      Who knows what happened to you, but I can personally attest that I ate there twice a week for a full year without incident, and have been there several times during the past several months without a problem, including occasions on which I've had the lobster roll. The service has slid severely since (1) the good waitstaff left for Mary's and (2) the place passed from busy to psychotically oversubscribed, but the food, I believe, maintains its quality.

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        I should have added, that I found the service to be excellent -- very attentive and pleasent. I am even tempted to go again thinking my experience an abnormality -- but I think I will stick to what New York does best. Besides, when I need a fix there is allways the Delta Shuttle....