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Mar 24, 2002 12:35 AM

Yoshinoya:the biggest japanese beef bowl chain just opened

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42nd st & 8th ave.Just opened today.The biggest & most popular japanese beef bowl chain.This is the 1000th anniversary shop.If you've been to Yoshinoya in japan and never been to Yoshinoya in US(pretty popular in LA),you'll be a bit surprised.The shop looks different(no counter)and they have the teriyaki chicken and the veg bowl(never served in japan).In general,the beef bowl tastes a little sweeter than it's the japanese version.Stick with the simple beef's good,only if the rice wasn't too mushy.The price is $4 ish.

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  1. thanks for the tip.
    Very fast food looking 255 W 42 212 703 9940
    Very clean-restrooms etc.
    Two huge floral displays from recent opening.
    Very simple menu
    Basically, 3 items, Beef bowl $3.59 or Teriyaki Chicken bowl plus vegetables $3.59 or combo $4.99. All over rice
    Three condiments at stand:
    spicy shake on peppery mixture
    soy sauce
    Japansese pickles (delicious)
    (thre are some side dishes and other beverages.)
    Line moves quickly.