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Mar 23, 2002 05:21 PM

Looking for Trader Vic's old Navy Grog Recipe

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Yes, I am looking for an old Trader Vic recipe for Navy Grog. I don't want to use their packaged mixes. As I recall it had Orgeat syrup, lemon, or lime, and of course, a lot of rum. I would love to find his original recipe.

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  1. I don't have the exact recipe, but I think this will work:

    3 oz. light or gold rum
    1 oz. dark Jamaican rum (Myers Rum)
    1 oz. Demerara rum
    1/2 oz. orange juice
    1/2 oz. guava juice
    1/2 oz. lime juice
    1/2 oz. pineapple juice
    1/2 oz. orgeat syrup

    Blend or shake all ingredients with cracked ice and pour into tall glass, garnish with lime and/or mint.

    1. Here's the Trader Vic recipe:

      3/4 oz Fresh lime juice
      1/2 oz Grapefruit juice
      3/4 oz Allspice syrup (*)
      1 oz Light Puerto Rican Rum
      1 oz Gold Jamaican rum
      1 oz Demerara rum

      Put ingredients into cocktail shaker and shake well with lots of crushed ice. Pour into a double old-fashioned glass.

      (*)Allspice Syrup: Grind enough whole dried allspice berries to make 6 level tablespoons. Place the ground allspice in a saucepan with 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water. Bring it all to a boil, then cover and simmer for two minutes. Remove the saucepan from heat and — keeping it covered — let steep for two to three hours, then strain into a bottle and refrigerate.

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        The recipe by Scott88 is right on. That other recipe is the generic POG (Pineapple Orange Guava) rum punch that is peddled alternately as a Mai Tai, a Zombie, a Scorpion, or an "insert tropical sounding name here" depending on the establishment. The only difference here is the addition of some lime.

        Just for contrast, here is the Donn Beach version:

        Navy Grog (circa 1941 version)

        3/4 ounce fresh lime juice
        3/4 ounce white grapefruit juice (not pink or red!)
        3/4 ounce soda water
        1 ounce honey mix (1:1 honey and water, heat but do not boil, then cool it and bottle it; will keep 2 weeks in fridge)
        1 ounce white Puerto Rican rum
        1 ounce dark Jamaican rum
        1 ounce Lemon Hart Demerara rum (El Dorado 8-year or 12-year Demerara OK to substiute, but not the 5- or 15-year)
        Shake vigorously with ice cubes. Strain into a double old-fashioned glass with ice-cone around straw.

        Navy Grog Ice Cone.
        To make cone, pack a footed pilsner glass with finely shaved ice, run a chopstick through the middle to make a hole for the straw, and then gently remove cone from glass. Freeze cone overnight, or at least 4 hours till hardened). When ready to serve, run straw through cone. Drink is sipped through straw. (NOTE: Cones will last 2 to 3 days in the freezer, after which they will start to evaporate.)

        1. re: Jackalope

          TV uses their house syrup to make it and the restaurant - which you cannot buy (the stuff the sell is garbage)

          Unfortuanlty the two recipes above do not taste like the restaurant - i will have to say i did not make the all spice syrup i used st elizabeth allspice dram (very powerful) a little of that goes a long way - cut the syrup part in half

          Doesnt taste bad, just not a TV Navy Grog

          not sure if making actual allspice syrup would deliver the proper flavor

      2. sounds yummy...when i was 6-years old til about 12-years old, Trader Vic's was my bday restaurant...always got the pressed duck...