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Apr 14, 2002 05:21 PM

FRESH Sashimi in East Bay?

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Hi! Does anyone know of a good Japanese restaurant that has really FRESH sashimi AND a variety of sushi in El Cerrito, Berkeley, or Oakland? (or any neighboring cities) I've been to a quite a few places and they always fall short. It's either they have fresh sashimi, but not enough variety in their sushi rolls, or excellent sushi rolls with non-fresh sashimi. I'm not looking for a place that has good music or wine, just pure good Japanese food. Thanks ahead for any suggestion!

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  1. I personally love Tachibana on College in Berkeley. It is awesome. The only Japanese restaurant that consistenly serves good sushi/sashimi. I think it is 100 times better than Kirala, the much-heralded Japanese restaurant in Berkeley. While Kirala is good, Tachibana is better, if you can believe it!

    1. Well, I've lived in Albany/Berkeley/Oakland my entire life and have always worked (and dined) in SF.... So far my favorite sushi joint is Mr. Sushi on Grand Ave. in Oakland. Don't be dissuaded my it's name - it's very good and although the menu may not seem very broad, just ask Kenny the owner and chef to make whatever you like and he'll be happy to do so as well as be honest about the quality of his fish delivery. Great sashimi, sushi and neighborhood charm. Cheers!

      1. I'd recommend Bonzai (Oakland, 45th and Telegraph). I've enjoyed all the sushi I've tried there, including the vegeterian ones (most places offer kappa maki, but few seem to make it well).

        Their other non-sushi items are kind of average, and the teriyaki is... well, nasty. But the sushi is great.

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          Ragdish Goatnut

          tachibana is solid; never disappointing
          a friend just recommended mijori on grand; had the deluxe sashimi platter - excellent
          kirala: overhyped

          1. Happy Sashimi in Pinole. The fish is incredibly fresh, and the prices are reasonable. Try the Sashimi dinner, and you will not be dissappointed. I went there with a friend of mine who usually gets his sushi on family visits to Tokyo, and he thought the fish at Happy Sashimi was excellent as well.