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Mar 23, 2002 02:13 PM

Brunch - Prix Fixe under $20

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I'm looking for a place to have a brunch to celebrate a birthday for a group of about 20 people for under $20 Prix fixe. Any suggestions?

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    Caitlin McGrath

    You might try Blue Water Grill, which could definitely accommodate that large a group with a reservation far enough in advance. Price depends on what you oreder ($10-15 or so) and includes a cocktail and coffee. If you added a dessert it would probably still be under $20.

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    1. re: Caitlin McGrath

      Thanks - I was thinking of Blue Water Grill or Park Avalon. I've been to both. Speaking of other "sister" restaurants, have you been to Atlantic Grill or Ocean Grill?

      1. re: Ben S
        Caitlin McGrath

        No, I haven't. At the link below, you can see a facsimile of Blue Water Grill's brunch menu.


        1. re: Ben S

          Atlantic Grill is fine and reasonably priced for brunch (I'm less crazy about it for dinner) but very very busy. It has both the usual brunch choices (variations on eggs benedict and French toast) and some more serious food, mostly $10-15. I should remember what's included in the price but I don't.

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            Owen O'Neill

            I recently went with a friend and sat through a two hour Manhattan Club timeshare presentation because she wanted to get the free theatre tix they were offering. They pushed us back to the following morning at their request and ended up giving us a $50 lunch voucher and two orchestra seats to Rent (we had to stay overnight in the Park Central Hotel at $130 for one night as part of the deal - we both live 15 minutes from midtown but did it just for fun and to get out of the apartment for the night). there were only two choices to use the voucher at and Gallagher's Steak House was the only one open on Sunday. I was pleasantly surprised at both the quality and quantity of the food. they have a $20.02 lunch special that includes starter (choice of appetizer, salad or soup), entree with side (she had grilled salmon that was excellent and I had filet mignon with garlic mashed ) and a dessert. The menu is not highly imaginative but the food was very good and a great value. It's quiet in there on Sundays at or about noon or 1 as they don't open until noon and don't draw a "brunch" crowd. I'm sure they could easily accomodate a large group with little or no advance notice. The decor is classic manly 50's style steakhouse but if you're just there for the company it would be okay.