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Mar 23, 2002 11:15 AM

Anyone Been To Felidia and.....

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if you have, could you make some entree and dessert recommendations?? Also, is it really stuffy? I am being taken there and I have an inkling it's a rather staid, uppety crowd.........just curious. Thanks!

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    chuck from westport

    Felidia is one of my favorite rests. in NYC. I'm from the Boston area, and always try to make it at least once during a trip., it is definitely NOT stuffy. It's like being invited into a warm Italian family's kitchen. An expensive family, maybe, but a family, nonetheless. Go with an open mind, ask the captain what he recommends, know that you will be spending maybe more than you want, (but you don't have the price of the wine) relax and have fun. The quality is the best. Last time, I even talked to Lidia, the owner, and she was charming and friendly. Good luck. Chuck