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Mar 22, 2002 02:48 PM

Has any one been to Fiamma yet?

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Has anyone been to Fiamma on Spring Street yet? It is Steve Hanson's new Italian restaurant.

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  1. no smartblondie, i have not eaten there yet cause i don't think they are open yet. but i did have the opportunity to look around, it looks real nice, just what soho needs a restaurant that spent some money to make you feel comfortable. not like those standard soho prototypes, cheap ass decor and not so comfy seats with mediocre but pricey food. big place for soho though 170 seats.

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      The restaurant opened on Monday. Citysearch gave it mixed reviews. Said it is a 3 level restaurant.

    2. I ate at Fiamma Saturday night. Just opened on Monday. The decor is nice. Two floors with a glass elevator. They recommend a three course meal consisting of an appetizer, a pasta dish and then an entree. Portions are extremely small, so you have no problem leaving room for desert. Bake all of the breads themselves which are featured in the bread basket along with a wonderful olive spread. Had the seared scallop appetizer and the halibut all very good. The other person I was with had the tortellini with asparagus as an appetizer and tuna as an entree. The halibut was moist and flaky and the scallops were terrific. All the pastas are homemade and you can definitely tell that they are. For dessert they have a variety of teas as well as coffee, cafe au lait, etc. Desserts are wonderfuly presented, again small, but delicious. We had the chocolate torte and the beignets which come with four different dipping sauces (chocolate, strawberry, orange and apple). Waitress was pretty lax and seemed to push this three course meal on us. All customers were given 20% off their total bill - opening promotion. Probably given to everybody since an e-mail was sent to BR Guest customers and daily candy readers telling them about this discount until the first week in April. I am sure many people brought the e-mail in with them to receive the discount and they figured they might as well give it to every one. When you leave they give you a box of homemade chocolate (again 4 small truffles). Steven Hanson is definitely trying to win people over with his new restaurant. The food is definitely good, as it is with all of his restaurants, but I am not sure if it is worth the prices, given that the portions are really tiny. Only time will tell. For the opening week, I must say it seemed that things ran pretty smoothly.