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Mar 22, 2002 01:19 PM

Cheesesteak place in W Village

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Has anyone tried the gourmet cheesesteak place on 3rd St right below Washington Square in the VIllage? I saw a write up some weeks ago but wanted to get some opinions.

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    1. re: su

      didn't know it was "gourmet"--it's in the spot where the brazilian rice and beans used to be...seems like a sandwich shop.

      1. re: su
        Richard Halpern

        BB Sandwich Bar (see link below for prior post).


      2. I liked it. At $3.50 for 1 and $5 for 2, why not try it for yourself? Its a pit they aren't joined with the Belgian fries place on 4th Street.

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        1. re: Alan Emdin

          I was thinking the same thing, and on a twofer lunch run yesterday even suggested a merger to the bewildered counter girl at Frites Kot. By the way, it's a killer sandwich, but the kaiser should be replaced, not because it's untraditional, but because it can't absorb the juice from the sandwich without getting mushy.

        2. Yes, B&B has awesome steak sandwiches. It's funny you mentioned it along with le frite kot. After I picked up my first sandwich there, my friend and I headed straight for le frite kot and had a gourmet lunch in washington sq. park. Chowhounds think alike! B&B is a welcome addition to this neighborhood, we need a good sandwich shop here.

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          1. re: nypb

            Don't know enough to enter the "authentic cheesesteak" fray, but we loved the sandwiches and the 2-for-1 deal. Thanks for the tip, everybody.

          2. I had one for lunch on Thursday and wasn't as impressed as the other folks. Less than 2 minutes elapsed between my ordering and walking out the door. I suspect the sandwich had already been fully assembled.
            When I ate the sandwich 5 minutes later, the bread was soggy as can be. Yes, it was tasty and was good value for $3.50. However, in no way can this be considered a Philly cheesesteak (a very important distinction). I bet I'd have been much happier if I'd eaten the sandwich on the spot so don't do as I did!

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            1. re: Abigail

              Went to BB Sandwich shop on Saturday and was very, very impressed. Definitely the best Philly cheesesteak that I have had in NYC and I have eaten hundreds of cheesesteaks at Jim's, Pat's and Geno's. You can definitely throw BB into the mix.

              THe greatest thing about BB sandwich shop is watching the guy prepare the cheesesteaks. It is an entire prodction. He must make around 30 at a time (it takes around 15 minutes) and then after he finishes selling the steaks. The process starts again and the next 10-15 people on line have to wait 15 minutes. It was facinating to watch.

              First he puts the steaks, onions and seasonings on the grill, then he turns around and cuts the 30 Kaiser rolls. He puts the top of the Kaiser rolls on the grill and then puts ketchup on each of the bottom sections of the roll. He then dabss a red pepper mixture on top of the ketchup and then individually mixes the ketchup-pepper mixture over the roll.

              He then turns his attention back to the grill, putting indvidual cheese slices on each of the steaks and then places a slice of cheese on each of the bottom rolls. At this point the cheese is melted and he takes the steak (including the top part of the bun) off the grill places it carefully on top of the bottom part and wraps each sandwich individually. It is only at this point, with a cry of "Talk to me, talk to me!!!!" that the line starts ordering and getting there order filled. 2 to go, 4 to stay and so on until there are no more sandwiches. He then warns the rest of the line that it is going to be 15 more minutes and the process starts over.

              Facinating stuff from a unique character.

            2. Just finished a two-for ... VERY GOOD. By no means anything similar to the Philly variety, but an excellent way to satisfy a crave nonetheless. Highly recommended.