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Mar 22, 2002 12:01 PM

Don Giovanni Ristorante?

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I've heard mixed things about this place in the West 40s. Any good? How's the pizza? Or are we better off with the pasta? Any other recomendations for places in this price range near the theaters would be appreciated.

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  1. this restaurant makes the best salad
    Mixed greens, a fabulous creamy vinagraitte, pignoli nuts and goat cheese over it. The margheritta pizza is the best around...although I'm not terribly fascinated by any NYC pizza.

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      Owen O'Neill

      I have eaten there once - didn't try the salads but had soup(good) and pasta. My friend also had pasta and we both enjoyed it. Not high end but a great value and a nice casual place. I didn't try the pizza but it looked and smelled great. I like the small low-key nature of this place in contrast to John's on 44th Street that has good pizza but is cavernous and noisy with somewhat indifferent service (based on my one visit).