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Jim's Story this past weekend

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  • Allen S. Mar 21, 2002 03:53 PM
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did anyone hear Jim's story (I think it was Jim) on WNYC where he was calling in and leaving messages about the Balkan sandwiches in Astoria?

Does anyone remember the name of the sandwich or one of the places? I searched the boards and saw nothing.

I could have all the details wrong (please correct me if so).


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  1. really sorry...I can't remember which one this was. Could it have been the Bosnian cevapi (pronounced chuh-VAP-pee) in astoria? if so, Sarajevo Cebabdzinica (aka Italian Deli Grocery) 37-18 34 Ave (at 38 St) Astoria, Queens; 718-752-9528

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      Joyce Goldstein

      That's the one I heard and just so you know you can always check WNYC.org and get a synopsis of the shows etc.