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Mar 21, 2002 02:53 PM

Les Deux Gamin

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Hello all
I'll be back in NY next week and I'm planning to visit this, my favorite place to get a warm bowl of cafe au lait. I'd love to hear your favorite things to order here, lunch, breakfast---I don't think I'll make it for dinner.

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  1. I love Les Deux also. I usually only eat a pastry with coffee, so I am little help, but I couldn't resist opining about a favorte gem.

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    1. re: shanna

      I always order an omlette with goat cheese, mushrooms and ratatouille. They come with delicious potatoes cooked with mushrooms and bacon and a perfectly dressed mesclun salad. Enjoy whatever you eat!

      1. re: shanna

        they make the most terrific crepes, i usually get ham w/cheese, also great hot chocolate, i frequent also the spinoff on 5 bet a and b, also very good as is bedford st.

      2. mmm...I love les deux gamins. I always get a cafe au lait, tartine, le petit dejeuner americaine, and a small charcuterie plate. that's enough for 3 people to share.