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Mar 21, 2002 12:55 PM


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An Aji Ichiban store aka "Munchies Paradise" has opened on the corner of Broome and Lafayette. They offer all types of Asian sweets and savories. Most items are dried or preserved. They had some really strange items and they offered samples of all. Some are really strange. I have a bad short term memory, but there were little (very tiny) dried beef rolls wrapped in what looked like shredded wheat. Dried chili olives, cod chips ? dried fish for snacking and a ton of other stuff. I'm pretty under the weather today all I could stomach are the green tea marshmallows, which were not anything specials. It's a place where you pay by the lb. Like the candy shops you see around with the clear bins. I remember seeing a similar place on Mott, but this one offers samples of everything which is a good thing.

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  1. So does the one on Mott. My favorite "junk food." I've gotten sweet/salty/crunchy tiny crabs there; and varieties of flavored ginger slices, weird preserved fruits and vegs, etc. etc. I saw the new one recently, but didn't stop in. Is it bigger than the one on Mott?

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      There's also another one on Hester (I think between Elizabeth & Mott, but don't quote me). It too has samples of just about everything. I'm a sucker for Chinese & Japanese snacks, so I love that place. I'm especially fond of the dried pineapple, which is a lot less sweet than the sugary stuff most dried fruit places offer. And, they have a great selection of packaged Japanese crackers.

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      Link: http://soothsayer.topcities.com/china...