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Mar 20, 2002 12:09 PM

Opinions on Donguri

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Was just browsing Zagat to get some new ideas for dinner and stumbled upon an unfamiliar Japanese restaurant "Donguri" on 83rd.
Tried a search on the site but no hits.

Has anyone been ever been there and if yes what's your opinion? Is it a sushi bar/kaiseki style/ regular japanese mix?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Donguri is is a very endearing (eg. tiny) restaurant that, unfortunately, not that many people know about. There is no sushi bar and only a handful of seats. However, the Japanese food there is excellent. I had decent enough sushi there, but I think the cooked items are what shine. I still remember the braised yellow tail with daikon--exquisitely delicate and absolutely wonderful. The prices were very reasonable though. Most entrees range around $18. But this was 2 years ago. Please post an update if you go.

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      I ate there about a month ago. I thought the food was very good, sort of home style Japanese cooking with a bit more flair. Its tiny (seats maybe 35-40). It won't knock your culinary socks off in wonderment, but I have met some homesick Japanese who go because it cures their ailment. Always a good sign.

      1. re: Mao

        Thanks for the input Porthos & Mao, will be making a day trip to the city early April for a kaiseki dinner at Nadaman. My first choice was Sugiyama but alas... not open on Monday's, crud.

        Am looking for some off the beaten path inexpensive alternatives for lunch.

        Donguri does sound promising, other option I'm considering is Chikubu which sounds like another place that caters to homesick Japanese. So many choices so little time...

        1. re: SG

          What are the prices like for kaiseki at Sugiyama's and Nadaman. Can you tell me about the food they make in the courses?



          1. re: Akiko

            Very expensive. $125/person pre tip and drink.

            I have done pretty extensive reviews of 2 trip to Sugiyama, and my one trip to Nadaman is also online. Do a search under my name or rest. name. Obviously, with kaiseki since its very seasonal, what you eat now will differ from 2 months hence, from 6 months hence etc.

          2. re: SG

            Also important to note--on Fridays (only), Chikubu serves fantastic ramen. There are no signs posted about this in English, but you'll see a horde of Japanese businessmen lined up at 12 noon for their fix.

            1. re: alyssa

              I haven't been in a couple of years, but still recommend Chikubu based on going there a couple times a month from '95 to '97. Ramen was the Friday lunch special (just under $10) and the only time I have had ramen in the US that approaches what you can get in Japan.

              PS: Just read the rest of the thread: I ate at Chikubu 'cause a homesick Japanese wanted to eat there on Fridays and I would meet them there for lunch when I could.