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Mar 15, 2002 02:52 PM

langzhou beef soup

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does anyone know where in NYC I can find Langzhou beef soup with pulled noodles? PLEASE- there must be someplace that makes it here.

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  1. Lanzhou pulled noodle soup (la mian, in Chinese), is sometimes made in Chinatown at Noodletown, though not always (and my info is a good 3-5 years old, since I have not been a regular in Chinatown for some time now. Also, I believe in Flushing there are places that make it, too.

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      This sure sounds like the noodle soup I had more than 15 years ago in China's Xinjiang province. If it is, I too would love to know where to find it in NYC. I've never seen it in America.

      What I had was made by ethnic muslims, Uighers (sp), in Urumqi. Basically, they would roll out a fairly long, thin piece of dough and then repeatedly pull it to twice the length, fold it and do it again. Voila, hand pulled noodles. Then they got thrown into a pot of boiling water, I think the beef was already in it, and then ladled out. I know I thought this was one of the best meals I'd ever had at the time, but who knows, even edible food was sometimes very hard to come by. Anyway, again, if this is the same, where can I find some?

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        That's the stuff; they also make it in Beijing in that Uyghur neighborhood up near the campus of Beijing University. It's never the same outside of China, though, perhaps because the smell of smoke and the 'quality' of the ingredients is often not quite the same in other places