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Mar 10, 2002 09:11 AM

Looking for Inexp. to Mod. Good Italian Lunch in Soho or Little Italy

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My wife and I are planning a visit to NYC in early April, will be staying in SOHO and looking for a good Italian restaurant for lunch in SOHO or Little Italy. We would like some advice from "the experts".

We're hoping for the following at Lunch:
Inexpensive to moderate prices ($15 to $25 per meal plus gratuity)
Not too crowded
Tasty but not too exotic - we like our italian food to be basic but tasty

My wife's a full-blooded Italian but doesn't like anything that's too spicy or garlicy.

Does anyone have any ideas? I've considered the following based on on-line research and reviews.

Joe's Pub - but reviews indicate like it's more of a theatre
Lupa - But reviews keep comparing it to Mario's other restaurant
Peasant - food seems to be described as bland

What else should we consider?

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  1. Bar Pitti on 6th Avenue between Houston & Bleecker would be my recommendation. No credit cards, so bring cash and figure on lunch running around $18 without drinks. I love their sandwiches, particularly the tuna sandwich, the pastas, sauteed spinach (which they'll put over pasta if you request it) and the eggplant parmigiana. They also make a terrific cappuccino. You don't need to reserve. It's casual and has outdoor tables as well.

    1. frank,mosto,max,are in the lower east side but close and good- for good panini, go to Ino