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Apr 12, 2002 12:48 PM

EOS Restaurant Hits and Misses

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Going on Sunday for fiance's 30th birthday.

First time at EOS.

What's a must have and what should we forget about?


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  1. We were there about two weeks ago for a bar dinner and a flight, and were disappointed, both in the food in the wines chosen for the flight. We felt that in general (with the exception of the oysters, which were delicate and delicious) the food was overpriced for the quality. This is unfortunate, because we had been wanting to go there since the last time in SF, two years ago. However, it may have been an off night and we may have ordered the wrong thing - that night, we were in the mood for the more basic offerings and some good wine. We saw dishes going by (the tuna stack, for example) that looked
    good...and the neighboring table said it was.

    1. EOS remains one of my favorite little haunts in the city. The Korean Hanging tender steak is outstanding! If they have it tdon't miss he ginger ice cream get, the mere thought makes my mouth water! I think they are fairly priced given the city and the staff was charming. Let them know in advance that you are there for something special - they are bound to treat you with a little extra TLC and they are not pushy or rushing in the least. Have fun!!

      1. Just ate there last night and had the best meal so far (out of 3 dinners and one snack/lunch). Went with my sweetheart and his lovely parents and everyone enjoyed their meal. By 7:30 the place was packed with a couple of people even waiting outside.
        Two of us ordered the prix fixe meal and both decided on the skate as our entree. Very good and moist, nice and crisp and very buttery all around. The squash puree had a soft creamy texture with little bits that hadn't been quite mashed (just the way I like it). The bock choy was well cooked but firm. My entree, the salmon/tuna spring roll concoction, was good but a little heavy -- as if the oil wasn't quite hot enough when they were fried and was absorbed into the wrapper. For dessert I had the very tropical and refreshing panna cotta with chunky pineapple pieces at the bottom.
        The most successful dish of the night would have been the baked/roasted(?) halibut with a ginger risotto that was delish. I'd previously had a halibut dish on my first visit to EOS that almost prevented me from ever returning. The fish had no flavor, but good texture, and the veggies had been soaked in the intense broth (obviously not together with the fish) for so long that they were inedible. I digress... last night the halibut was excellent. The third entree ordered was the tea smoked duck - which I chose not to sample lest it mar the flavors that were already developing in my mouth (skate w/sancerre = good) - was pronounced very good, although my boyfriend thought it was too rare for duck.
        The Valhrona mousse was too cakey and dry and although the ganache which engulfed it was practically perfect, my dessert of preference remains the bananamisou.
        Don't know if that helped at all, but I feel safe saying you'll enjoy your meal regardless of what you get (with the exception of the Cesar salad I had last time, which came exceedingly drenched in dressing and Parmesan - if you must have the Cesar tell them to go light on the dressing).
        Enjoy - NR

        1. It depends whether you like to eat flowers.