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Feb 27, 2002 12:03 PM

Where is Milk&Honey???

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Does anybody know the address of this bar and their phone #? I'd love to go there for my b-day after-dinner drink.

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  1. j

    According to Vindigo, it's at 134 Eldridge St. between Broome and Delancy. There's no phone number listed.

    Intriguing name!

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    1. re: JessicaSophia

      I don't think you can just go to the bar. you have to call ahead or so it was when I went some time ago. Its a small place that makes great classic cocktails, with a speakeasy demeanor. You have to be recommmended by someone to get in or have been introduced to the owner. You wouldn't even spot the place walking down the street. its hidden on purpose.
      One suggestion I would give is to try some of the other establishments in the neighborhood. Lolita on Broome and Allen is pretty cool as well as some of the establishments near the corner of Rivington and Essex. planty of spots there.

      1. re: SLAP

        gawd, that is SO pretentious!

        1. re: JessicaSophia

          yeah it can def. seem like it. the thing is that they don't want it overcrowded. Its quiet and civilized and by restricting how many people can go in, keeps it that way. I felt it was a little bit of a "forced" atmosphere. but looks like they are having to make some adjustments to stay afloat.

        2. re: SLAP
          Tatyana Gourov

          You said you've been so you must know what the phone # is. Would you consider e-mailing it to me?

          1. re: Tatyana Gourov

            the number changes all the time, he may not have the right one if he was there a long time ago. i think sasha rolled it over sometime in january.

      2. Looks like they are lowering their standards a bit for the unwashed masses. So long as they have $$ for the "Membership Fee". See PageSix below.


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        1. re: df
          Tatyana Gourov

          Oh, that's crazy (bar membership?!) I'll just go someplace more normal. Any recommendations?
          P.S. We'll be having dinner at New Green Bo so somewhere close by would be nice.

          1. re: Tatyana Gourov

            I agree on Lolita. Great place on Broome and Allen. There's also Double Happiness on Mott and Broome (downstairs, usually crowded) and Happy Ending on, you guessed it, Broome between Eldridge and Forsythe.

        2. I will tell you -- the place is insanely good. Every drink is made with fresh juices. They use ginger extract, rose water, all sorts of great stuff. I would never go there for bourbon on the rocks or a beer and such, but if you've ever wondered what a pina colada made with fresh fruit tastes like, or a gin and tonic with real ginger, or even why a screwdriver has been around so long, try and get the number and go. The setting can't be beat either.

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          1. re: Jason W.

            The place does sound very nice. The sort of place were you never have a bad time because of some rowdy person taking your chair, or yelling, where the drinks are carefully made, where care is taken with ingredients and atmosphere.

            If I ever started a bar, I'd want to somehow achieve more or less the same thing: Make sure the crowd is friendly and the drinks are good. A reliable group of regulars paying 8-10 bucks a drink sounds like a good cash flow.

            What sort of people go there, anyway? Are they from a particular industry or group?

            Its the "get the number and go" thing that seems kinda tricky. How does one accomplish that? Want to post it? :)