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Feb 27, 2002 10:17 AM

any good butchers & seafood markets in E30s or 20s

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does anyone know of good butcher or seafood market in this area?

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  1. todaros is great on 2nd ave b/w 30th and 31st

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      Nice seafood store on 21st and 2nd Avenue. Gramercy Seafood?

    2. There is a branch of Garden of Eden on 3rd, between 23rd and 24th, I think. I know I have purchased meat from there, but I'm not quite so sure about fish.

      1. I see that someone recommended the seafood place
        on 2nd/21st Street. I'll second that, although I
        still wish we had a Citarella in the area. Next
        door to this seafood place is a butcher shop which
        looks good, although I've never shopped there.

        I love Garden of Eden, but my one experience buying
        fish there was negative - not at all fresh.

        Todaro is okay, but I think overpriced.

        There is a butcher counter at Les Halles
        (28th/Park) selling limited cuts of meat.

        1. Catch 21 (I hope I got this right!) Is a lovely fish store rather improbably located on 21st between Park and B'Way (midblock).

          1. There's the French Butcher on Second and I think 19th. They have excellent meat and sausage as well as some great cooked dishes, like meatloaf.