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Feb 26, 2002 12:07 PM

FINALLY ...uptown!

  • j

My favorite brunch place KITCHENETTE is opening a large restaurant on the UWS--no more trekking downtown for the homestyle yummies. the sign is in the storefront on Amsterdam &123

I called them and they said that the menu will be even larger!!

choc chip --pecan pancakes w/ Caramel butter! Lobster cakes and homemade puddings!!! trust me .we need some new eateries way up here .. has anyone been to the one in Tribeca?

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  1. Of course! ever since they had the tiny counter that is now The Little Place. We like to think of them as the kind of place we go to in Vermont -- basically diner fare, but cooked with care. Omelettes! Bacon! Turkey sausage! Turkey Meatloaf! Classic club sandwiches (and other sandwiches, too! Soups! Biscuits, dill rolls, cakes, muffins, in fact, ALL their baked goods cannot be beat. The UWS will be lucky to have them. (Of course, you should know that they started off related to Good Enough to Eat, but improved on it.)

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    1. re: CTer

      i had this scrambled egg on jack on polenta w/ salsa thing that I wouldnt share.

      dont get me started about their cupcakes

    2. j

      pancakes with CARAMEL butter???? that sounds incredible....