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Feb 26, 2002 09:19 AM

Reservations at One if by land

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How far in advance do I typically need to get a reservation at One if by land?


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  1. t
    Tatyana Gourov

    Hi Mike!

    If I were you I wouldn't go to OIBL, TIBS. Do a search on this board and you'll understand why. It has gone waaay downhill (from being nothing special to begin with).

    1. Rather than MAKE reservations at OIBL TIBS, I would HAVE reservations about eating there. Lots of better choices for that kinda bucks.

      1. d
        david sprague

        well, to answer your question, rather than try to talk you out of going to the joint altogether, it depends on whether you're looking for a mid-week or a fri/sat reservation. mid-week doesn't really require all that much advance warning--certainly no more than 10 days or so, in my experience. weekend, figure 2-3 weeks. i've had mixed experiences there food-wise, but the place IS incredibly romantic in a very traditional way and the staff does make you feel pampered (likewise in a very traditional way). if it's a cool evening, make sure to have a drink by the fireplace. and if you're in a gut (and budget) busting mood, go for the tasting menu, which often includes a small-ish (but no doubt still unhealthy) beef wellington course.