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Apr 11, 2002 08:20 PM

pho, ramen, soon tofu, and other soups

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anyone want to share a favorite place? picky angeleno misses asian food variety back home. my favorite places up here: pho hoa in oakland (on international) vi's in oakland (braised duck leg soup is the best, as is #16), pyung chang soon tofu in oakland (desperately looking for more soon tofu places), haven't found a good ramen house yet (been to sapporo ya and mifune- okay).

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  1. Try Katana-ya on Judah for ramen.

    1. Santa Ramen in San Mateo (at 805 South "B" Street) is probably the best ramen in the Bay Area -- very authentic.

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        Santa is definitely one of the best. The other one I also like, since it's closer to south bay, is Ryowa in downtown Mountain View. They even have two types of noodles, of at least one is home-made.

        Also, please don't call them "soups". These are all noodle dishes that happened to be in soup. :-)

        Except soon tofu of course. It's hard to pick the best one but there's at least 4 soon tofu-named restaurants in Santa Clara, all on El Camino's Soontofu-Row.


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          You're right; Ryowa is good too. I forgot about that place.

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        Mr. Bluetooth

        It seems to me there is a paucity of good ramen places in the Bay Area. Haven't been to Santa, but I agree that Sapporo-Ya and Mifune are so-so. For a surer bet, I would venture back to some of the well known ramen places in Gardena next time you're in L.A. My $0.02 of course.

        1. Pho Ga from Golden Flower changed my life.
          Couldn't get rid of a cold,and had that, loaded with the jalapenos they provide, and felt better immediately.
          The portion was enormous. One huge bowl of broth....and one huge bowl of noodles, meat and bean sprouts. Lemons, limes, basil, jalapenos and hoison sauce provided.

          I have tried making quicky versions at home, but can't get the unique flavor of the broth.

          Golden Flower is in Chinatown on Jackson near Grant. Sometimes I prefer getting it to go.

          1. PPQ on Irving and Clement make excellent pho. The broth is delicious!