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Feb 25, 2002 09:09 AM

EmpireStateBuilding area? Persian?

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Im looking for a good lunch spot within a walking distance from the Empire State Building. Any suggestions are appreciated...any ideas about some of the Rug District Persian restaurants? Any price range...quieter/conversation-friendly setting preferred. Thanks for your ideas.

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    Caitlin McGrath

    Actually, the only Persian restaurant I'm aware of in the area is Nader, on 29th between Park and Madison. I've never eaten there, bit it's had mixed reviews on this site--and nothing recent, I don't think. Don't know if it's open for lunch,

    A good bet that's very close to the Empire State Building might be Mosaico, on Madison just below 34th, which serves Latin American food of various styles and from different regions--sandwiches, salads, main dishes, pastries, batidas.

    1. Dimple is a kosher indian on 30th between 5th and 6th - delicious vegetarian dishes and gujarati snacks. There are actually a couple of other persians in the same area, around 28 and 29th street, as well as Mavalli Palace (right next to Nadar) a more upscale indian vegetarian. All of these are relatively empty and quiet at lunch time. At Dimple, there is an upstairs eating area that is more peaceful. Some of the fancier koreans on 32nd Street (also between 5th and 6th) may be attractive to you.

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        Good pizza at Bella Napoli on Madison between 31st and 30th. Thats in the area.

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        Mark Sinclair

        Good Turkish at Ali Baba, but it's kind of a long walk from Empire State.

        206 E 34th St. btw 2nd Ave. & 3rd Ave.

        The kebabs are pretty good, and not expensive at all. Most everything is around $10. Iskender kebab is my favorite, although it's not the best Iskender I've had. Also try the lahmacun, a little mini "pizza" with grilled lamb. I think it's about $3. It's more appetizer-sized than meal-sized.