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Feb 23, 2002 02:31 PM

Japanese noodles

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I'm looking for the best Ramen-type Japanese noodle place in Manhattan. I live at 114th and Amsterdam, and the only place I've found around here -- Tomo -- isn't that great. Sushi, etc. is also a plus, but primarily I'm concerned with genuinely authentic and delicious noodles. I'm happy to trek anywhere in Manhattan. Any suggestions?


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  1. Menchanko-Tei is a good place to get ramen and other Oden dishes. I prefer the east side location near Grand Central.

    There's a lot of info on this board about ramen. Try doing a search. Have fun!

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      Jonathan & Ros

      We would highly (very highly) recommend Soba-Ya on E. 9th St. They have excellent udon and soba, rolled and cut in front of you! The broth is also delicious. Really, a bit of west-coast living here in New York.

      1. Menchanko-tei is good. Ajisen Ramen in Chinatown (bottom of Mott?) is good. There's a place right over the GWB in Ft. Lee (forget the name) that's good. The place in the East Village which is just a ramen joint with a counter and stools wasn't very good.

        I have to admit I'm a little depressed that there isn't a top-notch ramen joint in NYC. I really think this city could support one really good shop. What we have are a few mediocre places...

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          Current favorite is Little Yokohama, on 46th, very close to 9th avenue. A real hole in the wall run by s a husband and wife team. My favorite noodle place in NY. More or less home cooking, in the literal sense. To me, and my Japanese friends, it just tastes better. Better than Menchanko-tei. Sapporo is also good, but I like Little Yokohama better and its cleaner.

        2. I do not know if it's strictly a noodle place ... but I think Sapporo on w49st is terrific. I've been eating there for years. I particularly enjoy the Sapporo Special, a bowl of noodles (and very much else) in a miso-based sauce. I also enjoy curry udon. By the way, the Gyoza are also very good. They also have katsu, pork cutlets which seem to be a very big deal.