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Feb 21, 2002 10:32 AM

ONY - New Japanese Noodle Shop in W Village

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ONY - Western side of 6th Ave, just south of Wash Place.

Same owners as Menchanko-Tei. ONY has a sleek interior and a twist to their menu. The menu states "you choose it we cook it." Basically, you have the option to build your own soup with a base broth of miso, spicy miso, sesame or tomato. From there, the various add-ins include; noodles, rice cakes, kimchi, raw eggs, soymilk skin and salmon or chicken balls. If thats not your style, they offer about 15 soups on the menu (about 8 menchankos).

We started with Edamame, Yuba Chokin - fried tofu patty wrapped with soymilk skin (pieces of crab, shrimp, carrot and edamame inside) and a raw tuna wasabi app...all were decent but no standouts.

We had two soups. My friend ordered the basic Menchanko which was good although the broth didn't seem as flavorful as the 55th st version - the salmon ball was new to me and was quite good. I ordered the Hakata Raman which had a wonderfully rich pork broth and perfect al dente thin ramen noodles (I think they were fresh). The drawback to my soup was the pork - a nice generous portion but unfortunately the meat was overcooked and dry....they had been open for all of 6 days, so it's understandable.

All in all, a good addition to the neighborhood and certainly worth stopping into.

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  1. I went today. The food is all pretty good. What it lacks in flavor it certainly makes up for in presentaion. Everything was presented with such care, even a plate of 4 dollar Cali rolls came on a tray with cut banana leaf and pretty accompaniments. I had the Cold Ramen. There were plenty of nice mushrooms and almost too much raw sliced greens on top. Then my rice ball came after the soup arrived. I ordered the spicy roe variety. It was good but not as good as others I've had.. Next time it's back to my old favorite sour plum. Service is so accomodating and polite it's disturbing but I really like their Ramen club card as the tenth bowl is free!


    1. Thanks for the heads-up. I went for lunch yesterday and had the Hakata Ramen, which was nearly as good as the 55th St. branch version. BUT...I noticed that they have omitted the mochi from the menchanko! That's my favorite part! Maybe they're afraid we clueless downtowners will choke ourselves...